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Where is First Church?


First Church is located in the heart of downtown Birmingham. We are on 6th Avenue North between 18th and 19th Streets. We share the intersection of 19th Street North and 6th Avenue North with the Regions/Harbert building and the AT&T Tower.

First Church Birmingham

518 19th St North | Birmingham Alabama 35203

Getting around First Church


Entering from the parking lot at the back of the building on 18th Street, you will come through the Education Building. The Welcome Center can be found as you enter and turn to the right. The Loft worship space is up the stairs and to your left. Continue through the Education Building to the Courtyard to find the Sanctuary (to your left) and Office Buildings (to your right).


Entering from the Courtyard, the Sanctuary and Office Buildings can be found to your left. The Welcome Center is located to your right in the Education Building. The Loft can be found up the stairs and to your left.


Entering from 19th Street North, you will first come to the Office Building (on your left) and the Sanctuary (on your right). If you continue on the sidewalk between the two buildings, you will pass through the Courtyard. The Education Building is immediately in front of you and the Welcome Center can be seen as you enter. The Loft worship space is up the stairs and to your left.


The nursery can be found in the Education Building directly across from the Welcome Center. When entering from the back parking lot, it is immediately to your left upon entering the Education Building. When entering through the courtyard doors, it is on your right. Click HERE for details about bringing your child to the nursery.


An historic church in the heart of downtown Birmingham, First Church Birmingham is an open place for ALL to worship, grow, and serve. We are a diverse congregation made up of people from all over the Birmingham metro area and beyond.


                  You are welcome here!


First Church Birmingham

518 19th St North
Birmingham, AL 35203
(205) 254-3186


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