Senior Adults

First Church desires to nurture spiritual growth and community
for people of every generation!

 We recognize that as we age and our life changes our availability and interests may change as well.  We hope to stay deeply connected to those in our Senior Adult Ministry because they are valued, loved, and needed no matter their age or stage!

If you have questions about Senior Adult Ministries please contact Stephanie Arnold at

here are some of the ways to get involved:

Sunday School Classes that meet at 9:45am

Ecclesia-Wingard Class   (Meets on the bottom floor of the Education Building)


This class averages 25-35 people each week and usually follows the Adult Bible Studies curriculum. We have a rotation of teachers and will often have guest teachers from the church, who either follow the curriculum or choose their topic. We are a very diverse and welcoming group and are involved in a number of outreach projects.

Bethany Bible Study  (Meets on the first floor of the Sanctuary Building)


Ken Traweek is our teacher and, as the name states, he teaches mostly from the Bible, following Cokesbury’s Adult Bible Studies. Visitors and new members of all ages are welcome!

Wesley Class   (Meets on the second floor of the Education Building next to the elevator)


We welcome singles and couples! We follow the Adult Bible Study curriculum and have a rotation of wonderful teachers. All are welcome!


Seekers Class   (Meets on the second floor of the Office Building)


Class members and others from the church present topics of their choosing. Occasionally, a teacher will lead a series over several Sundays. Lessons include Bible themes, teachings of outstanding leaders through the years, reports of mission activities, Methodist history and beliefs, etc. Discussion is encouraged.


We begin gathering at 9:30am for coffee/tea and refreshments and enjoy visiting before and after the lesson. Visitors and new members will be warmly welcomed.

Other Senior Adult Opportunities

Weekday Bible Study


Thursdays at 12:00pm in the Parlor of the Office Building we have an intergenerational Bible study that focuses on that week’s scripture text or theme.  It is a “brown bag” lunch time…so feel free to bring your lunch!  All are welcome!

Congregational Care Team


As we age, we often meet healthcare challenges that can be burdensome and make it difficult for us to participate as we want in our church worship or activities. First Church wants to make sure that when these seasons come, each person knows that they are not forgotten and they are loved! Through our congregational care team we regularly pray for those with health needs and consider ways to support them. It may be through writing notes of encouragement or through lay or pastoral visits. Staying connected is our priority! Andy Keith is the Team Leader for this ministry.


For more information on how to become involved with congregational care
or to share with the team someone in need of care, please email


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