Sunday School

A warm invitation is extended to you to visit any of our classes. If you need assistance in choosing a class or finding your way, please ask at the Welcome Center.

Infants and Preschool

  • Age Range: 6 weeks through Kindergarten
  • Location: Nursery, directly across from the Welcome Center


All of our infants and preschool children are invited to participate in Sunday morning activities in the nursery. Please see Ginger Gambill with help in finding which room best suites your child.

Elementary Age Children

  • Age Range: 1st through 5th graders
  • Location: 2nd floor of the Education Building


Elementary age children are invited to participate in Sunday School beginning at 9:45am. Please see Linda Underwood for help in finding the classroom for your child. All of our elementary children are invited to attend worship with their parents at 11:00am.


  • Age Range: 6th through 12th graders
  • Location: Basement of the Sanctuary Building


Our youth meet for Sunday School at 9:45am each week in the space beneath our Sanctuary.

Please see Jonathan Goss for more information.

Carolyn Pitts Class

  • Age Range: Multigenerational
  • Location: Basement of the Education Building, B10, last room on the right


This multigenerational class is led by Bill and Cathy Ivey and is focused on the connections between faith and social justice.

Bible Study Class

  • Age Range: Intergenerational
  • Location: Office Building, 2nd floor, Conference Room, top of the stairs to the right


The Bible Study Class is an intergenerational gathering of individuals who meet each week to learn about and discuss the Bible considering important points such as context, geography, literary style, and interpretations.

Young Parents Class

  • Age Range: Mostly parents of elementary and preschool children
  • Location: Blue Room on the 3rd floor of the Office Building


This class is led by a rotation of teachers and is focused on different topics throughout the year. Sometimes is addresses specific issues in parenting and other times tackles Bible study and faith.


  • Age Range: 40’s to 60’s
  • Location: Office Building, 1st Floor, across from the front office


Discussions range from current events to biblical study, taught by a variety of teachers. We welcome visitors to experience our friendly and warm group. Average attendance is about 12-18.


  • Age Range: 50’s to 70’s
  • Location: Education Building, Basement, corner room on the right


We have a rotation of teachers and will often have guest teachers from the church, who either follow the Adult Bible Studies curriculum or choose their own topic. We are a very diverse and welcoming group and are involved in a number of outreach projects.


  • Age Range: 60’s to 90’s
  • Location: Education Building, 2nd floor, straight past the elevator on your left


Singles and couples. We follow the Adult Bible Study curriculum and have a rotation of wonderful teachers. All are welcome!

First Church 101 (please note this class only meets twice a year for 5 weeks each)

  • Age Range: All ages are welcome!
  • Location: First Church Chapel and Parlor


This is an occasional class that meets during the Sunday School hour to learn more about what it means to be United Methodist as well as what it means to be at First Church.


An historic church in the heart of downtown Birmingham, First Church Birmingham is an open place for ALL to worship, grow, and serve. We are a diverse congregation made up of people from all over the Birmingham metro area and beyond.


                  You are welcome here!


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